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About us

Our mission is to provide the finest home extensions and second story additions with the highest quality craft and a solid commitment to personal service.

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Next Level Service

and Next Level Quality

With years of combined experience in the Perth area, we have developed a reputation for exceeding expectations on every level.

What we do: home extensions and second story additions in Perth

At Next Level Extensions, we consult with you to determine your objectives. Then, we provide the expert advice that helps turn your vision into reality.

We specialise in making the entire process smooth, fast and unobtrusive for you and your family. With many projects in the Perth area under our belts, we have proven time and again that we can truly take your home to the Next Level.

What you can expect from our home improvement experts in Perth

Next Level Extensions gives you a building and design service that caters to all of your home extension needs. If you require an exclusively designed home we can take care of that for you from visualisation to superbly built creation. We take care of initial concept sketches, local authority approvals, and construction. You go on living your lives with minimal fuss and intrusion as we take care of the rest.

Sit back, relax, and put your home in the industry’s best hands.

Next Level Staff

Max Sardi

Next Level Extensions Designer

If you’re looking for someone who has an in-depth understanding of building design, you’ll want to go to Max Sardi. Although he began his studies in business, his whole life revolved around his father and his father’s involvement in the building industry.

As a child, Max would tag along with his father to home building sites. So, it was a natural progression to home design for Max.

Max loves designing as much as solving problems. It’s a creative skill he humbly adores. In his journey, he has designed many projects that are acknowledged through numerous awards. Once, he designed the overall best extension that went to the national awards.

With nearly 30 years of design experience, he is confidently proud to be working at Next Level Extensions. “Meeting prospective clients, giving advice regarding design or architectural solutions to extend and renovate their home conforming to a realistic budget is what I do at Next Level Extensions. Working with this company is outstanding.”

Next Level Extensions is in line with Max’s core ethics: always be honest, always design in a seamless manner, do not cut corners, and build at the highest possible level.

“Being able to visualise a 3D project in your mind in front of a client and sketching a project on the ‘fly’ is a creative skill very few people have. And when you add budget constraints into the project, it becomes even more difficult. It’s easy to design without respect for costs or not knowing realistic costs. The industry is full of designers and architects who have no idea of realistic costs as they rarely build them in conjunction with a builder. We have to be honest with our design seamlessly for their future. That’s why in building a client’s future, one must choose a quality builder like Next Level Extensions.”

Craig Johns

Registered Builder and Director of Next Level Extensions

In 2009, he made the decision to start Next Level Extensions with his business partner, Allan Williams.

For Craig, Next Level Extensions is more than just building beautiful homes. It is taking the time to understand the client’s vision to tailor-fit their home and lifestyle.

Craig has been involved in many award winning home extensions. He worked for Australia’s Most Awarded Home Renovation Builder during the late 2000’s. Craig was also a judge for both HIA and MBA awards.

He believes that winning awards is always a collective effort that comprises of great design, supervision and tradespeople; resulting in happy clients.

He adapted this same principle as the pillar of Next Level Extensions. True enough, this was tested and proven when Next Level Extensions entered 2 projects into awards in 2013 for the first time and both won finalists in the $250000 – $300000 and $300000 – $400000 categories.

When asked what his favourite thing about working at Next Level Extensions, Craig happily responded, “Nothing will ever be attempted if all possible objections must be overcome first.” This quote has been his motto all throughout his years.

“Creating a life-changing extension for my clients’ next phase in their life is life-changing for me. Every project and client is different. This is what has kept me in the home extensions industry for 25 years. There is nothing more fulfilling than building a fantastic extension and having a happy client at the end of it.”

Eric Parker

Registered Builder and Site Manager

As an overseer working on site trades, Eric Parker’s motto is: “Have an impact on as many people’s lives as possible, this will create a ripple effect that will impact your life and the lives around you.”

Eric is a registered builder and site manager at Next Level Extensions. He believes it is the best renovation company in the industry. As part of the team, Eric makes sure we provide quality service, products and craft in a timely manner while ensuring that the site is safe to work on. He’s also your guy-next-door who makes sure all documents and transactions needed are anchored and ready to go for smooth sailing.

Since 1986, Eric has enjoyed working with his hands and anything that has got to do with carpentry. Eric has also contributed to many awards over the years. Most recently Renovation of the Year for the Master Builders Association and also 2 other categories being the $750 to a million & $500 to $750.

Aside from being a registered builder, Eric also has a Diploma in Building and Construction and a Diploma in Business Management.

Newly renovated second storey home

Figuring out your home extension, or second story addition is a massive undertaking. That’s why your very first consultation is with our Designer, Max Sardi.

Max will give you a clear picture of the home extension build process, and the logistics of living in your home during the build and explore your options based on how much you want to invest.

He will even sketch your new home right before your eyes!

Book your consult with Max today.