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Next Level Extensions Privacy Policy

Next Level Extensions is the sole owner and operator of this website and will henceforth be referred to as “us,” “we” and “our” in this Internet Privacy Policy statement. By participating in the use of this website, you agree to adhere to the Internet Privacy Policy statement as provided on this web page, which refers to the collection and/or use of any personal information that you supply to us when using the website.

At our sole discretion and at any time, Next Level Extensions reserves the right to remove or modify portions of this statement of Internet privacy policy. The Internet Privacy Policy is applicable in addition to any terms and conditions contained on this website. Next Level Extensions cannot make any representations or promises regarding the privacy policies of any third party websites to which we have provided links.

We fully recognise and understand that protecting the privacy of any information we collect from you or any visitor is paramount, especially any information that can identify an individual, known as “personal information.” Your personal information will always be handled, processed and protected in accordance with the Internet Privacy Statement. We review our Internet Privacy Policy on a regular and ongoing basis to keep it up to date and relevant. We welcome any feedback as to how we can improve the privacy of your information.

Personal Information

We only collect personal information when the visitor has knowingly and voluntarily submitted it. This will always be for the purpose of enhancing your user experience, such as providing you with services you require or to forward or answer any enquiries or requests. Through this Internet Privacy Statement, we intend that your information is never used in any way that would violate Australian privacy laws.

Use of Information

Any personal information submitted to our website by visitors is used only to fulfill the purpose for its submission or for ancillary purposes relevant to the original purpose, unless other uses are disclosed by this Internet Privacy Policy at the time the information is collected. Next Level Extensions stores copies of correspondence sent to or from this website in our archives for back-up and/or record-keeping purposes only.


Apart from when you have given us your permission, disclosure is a necessary step in the process of achieving the purpose for which the information was submitted. Next Level Extensions reserves the right to disclose personal information in exigent circumstances where we have valid reason to believe that it is necessary to disclose such information to contact, identify or initiate legal action against anyone who injures, damages or interferes with our property or rights, users or anyone and everyone else who could sustain harm from such activities. Also, when we believe in good faith that we are required by law to disclose your information, we will do so.

If we engage in any third parties to provide you with services or goods in our behalf, we will disclose as much personal information as necessary to those third parties to allow them to provide you with their services or goods.


We go to great lengths to ensure the integrity, security and privacy of any personal information that you submit to our sites. In addition, we update and review our security measures on a regular and ongoing basis to reflect technological advances. Unfortunately, it is impossible to guarantee that any information transmitted over the Internet is fully secure.

However, Next Level Extensions always endeavours to take every reasonable step necessary to protect any personal information that is provided to us or from our online services and products. We also strive to ensure that any data with which you provide us is secure within our systems.

Also, we hold all of our employees and contractors to a high standard of confidentiality and protection regarding your personal information. However, Next Level Extensions cannot be held responsible for any breach of privacy or any unauthorised access to or use of your information.


Cookies are data that websites transfer to the hard drives of users for the purposes of record-keeping. Cookies are currently an industry standard and are used by nearly all websites to help provide better service and information. Cookies allow us to enhance your user experience by customising many of our website features to your needs.

If you do not wish to allow cookies, you may adjust the settings of your browser to allow or disallow them. However, you will run the risk of disabling many features or online services provided by our website.

Google Adwords Remarketing

This website uses Google Adwords Remarketing. Adwords Remarketing is a behavioural targeting and remarketing service provided by Google. Adwords Remarketing allows our business to show our adverts on various websites across the Internet. It connects the activity of Next Level Extensions to the Doubleclick cookie and the Google advertising network. It uses cookie and usage data to provide information about products that may be relevant to the information you requested.

To Opt Out

Google Adwords Remarketing is cookie-based. Your web browser must be set for cookies to allow the opt out tools to do their jobs. For support or more information, you can consult the help page of your browser, such as Safari, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox.

You can opt out of Google’s use of cookies by visiting Google’s Ads Settings. Alternatively, you can opt out of a third-party vendor’s use of cookies by visiting the Network Advertising Initiative opt out page.

In addition, many of the companies that deliver Online Behavioural Advertising provide the option of viewing your profile, editing your profile and/or choosing not to receive targeted ads. However, this doesn’t mean you won’t receive ads; it just means they won’t be targeted because your information won’t be used.

Google’s ad preferences allow you to control what information they collect from you.

Access to Information

We always endeavour to keep any information we collect about you current and accurate while keeping it secure. If you discover at any time that we have incorrect information about you in our records, you may request that the information be corrected and we will satisfy that request. Also, we require that any contractors or employees who provide any services related to this website respect the confidential nature of any information we have collected from you.

Links to Other Sites

We often provide links to third party websites for the purpose of enhancing your user experience and/or providing services relevant to your needs. We do not own or control these websites and therefore cannot accept responsibility for the conduct of the owners of those websites. Before you provide any private information to any website, we recommend that you view their privacy policy and terms of conditions.

Problems or Questions

If you notice any problems or have any concerns about anything on this website, please contact us so that we can endeavour to correct them. If you seek clarification or have questions about the Internet Privacy Policy, please contact us.

Further Privacy Information

If you require more information about protecting your privacy or about privacy issues, we invite you to visit the website of the Australian Federal Privacy Commissioner: http://www.privacy.com.au.

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