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Advantages of House Extensions

Jun 27, 2017

It’s no secret that house extensions have become extremely popular in Perth. Every day, more and more homeowners are choosing to enlarge their present home instead of “moving up” into a larger home. Here are some of the main reasons why.

Cost Effective

It is much more cost-effective to expand your current home then it is to sell your current home, buy a new home and move all of your belongings into the new home. Think of all the extra money you have to pay when you are selling one home and buying another. You have to pay for Real Estate commissions, inspections, a lawyer to take care of your end of the transactions and many more miscellaneous expenses just to sell and buy.

It also costs a lot of money to move. This does not even take into account all of the time and effort that you are going to have to spend for the entire mess. For most people, you will probably have to take a week off of work to that also costs money in lost wages.

When you build a house extension, the house extension is all you have to pay for other than a building permit and an inspection or two. At Next Level Extensions, we tell you exactly how much you are going to have to pay in advance so there are no surprises.

Design Freedom and Flexibility

When you move up into another home you are buying a home that someone else designed. When you decide to extend your own home you have the power to design it however you like. If you want your dream home, you are much more likely to get it by designing it yourself than by trusting that you will find your dream home built to someone else’s specifications.

Next Level Extensions: House Extension Professionals

The best way to provide yourself with a larger home is to have house extension professionals expand your present home. At Next Level Extensions, we are the best builders of house extensions in Perth. to learn more call us today: 1300 948 094.

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