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Getting the house ready for Christmas

Nov 28, 2022

It’s the season to be jolly! Everyone gets thrilled when we talk about Christmas. This is the time of year when family and friends come together to celebrate with wonderful food and sleepovers after exchanging gifts. 

To make the season more memorable, we prepare our houses to match the season by putting up Christmas decorations. Sometimes, it can be a daunting task to prep the house for Christmas. Especially when we’re trying to save a few dollars here and there.

We decided to put some tips together for you to  help with those holiday season preparations.

You might be thinking, “Where, and how, to start!” Before we get to the thrilling part (putting up your decorations), let’s begin with some house preparations. 

Preparing your house for a beautiful Christmas season

Start by decluttering

Set aside a day or two before you begin decking the halls. Organise your home. Inspect rooms, shelves, and desks for items you no longer use or want to display. Decluttering frees up room for Christmas home decoration and allows you to picture your decorating designs more easily.

Check your available decorations and give them a spruce 

As much as we want to decorate our house for the season, we don’t need to punch a hole in our pockets. Check what you have and pick those that would still be functional. You’d be surprised how many Christmas decorations can stand the test of time with a bit of a clean.

Choose your Christmas motif and theme

Now that you have done your inventory, it’s time to think of the motif and theme you want. Choose from a variety of themes; a white Christmas, the classic red and green, go for silver and gold, or even a navy blue-themed decoration. It’s mix-and-match time! Imagine the season’s look for your house and go for it!

Now that you have started to clear your space, you have a clearer picture of how your house will look for the upcoming season.

What is the weather like in your place during the season?

The season during this festive holiday varies from place to place. In the southern hemisphere, we get to enjoy a hot Christmas.  With that in mind, the theme of the house varies, too. If it is a summer Christmas, prepare your outdoor dining space so you can enjoy a barbeque feast. Can you add some fun water games for the kids? Now’s the time to prepare.

For a winter Christmas, you might want to stay home, so prepare your home to be a warm, cozy, and inviting space.

How many guests will you be having?

You might also want to plan and prep your guest rooms for that added aspect of comfort. It’s pretty fun to spruce up the guest room with some Christmas decorations and delicious-smelling candles. Get your guests in the mood to celebrate as soon as they arrive!

Plan your main space

A little Christmas decor can turn any place into an attractive winter festival, but decorating every room in the house can be expensive and overwhelming. Focus your attention on the “main spaces” of the house. These are the main areas of the house where you’ll spend the bulk of your hosting time, and display most of your festive trimmings.

You don’t want to make your space too crowded – so just pick your main spaces. It may be your entrance, your Christmas tree corner, or preparing a beautiful dining area. When people visit, this is where they spend their most time, so focus your attention – and your budget – in these spaces.

What is your Christmas theme and motif?

By having a clear picture of the theme you want, it will be easier to mix and match decorations and colours. Don’t forget the curtains! 

Have a look at the colour palette of your decorations, and where they will be placed in the house. Use similar colours in similar spaces for a unified look and feel. Pick key areas of your space to bring multiple colours and themes together.

Your planning for the house is almost done, but there are areas in the house that we often overlook. These spaces are as important as your main spaces. A touch of decoration can really add to the overall feel of the house.  

Let’s explore…

Your kitchen

Typically, there is a lot of baking and cooking over the Christmas season, so having a well-organised kitchen is a massive stress-saver. Ensure that all necessary cookware, utensils, and equipment are readily available, fully cleaned, and in the kitchen. Is now the time to start searching the cupboards for any napkins or paper plates? Go for it! Another great way to save $$ is by pulling out those disposable, or reusable, plates and napkins from Christmas past. As they say, the kitchen is one of the high-traffic areas during the season, so better be ready for it.

Guest room

We know that money is limited, you may stick with your regular, neutral guest bedding and add a comfortable seasonal throw blanket and perhaps a throw pillow. You can match the theme of the house to the guest bedroom for an added touch of flair. What is most important is for guests to feel like they’re in a home away from their home.

The plan for Christmas decorations is becoming even clearer. Maybe there is a list of things you wanted to buy this year.  But maybe you don’t have to! Before you get overwhelmed, having all new stuff will keep your pockets empty. You can prepare your house for a beautiful Christmas that’s both affordable and enjoyable.

We hope we offered you some Christmas home preparation ideas. Avoid the last-minute Christmas hustle and focus on what truly matters: spending quality time with your loved ones. 

Now is the time to contact Next Level Extensions for more home renovation and improvement ideas.

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