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Alfresco Living Area: the Perfect Project for Spring

Sep 11, 2015

Spring is here and nothing says “spring” in Australia like an alfresco living area. The alfresco area is one of the most efficient of all home renovations when it comes to providing more living space at a lower cost.

Alfresco living areas have become popular, not only in Perth, but across Australia as homeowners want to make the most of their dwindling leisure time. In addition, an alfresco living area can add space to your home with minimal structural work and at a cost far less than a home extension or second storey addition.

We have more than 70 years combined experience in providing home renovations to people in the Perth area. We have built some basic alfresco living areas and we have built some more extravagant alfresco living areas that are the envy of the neighbourhoods they were built in. Here are some ideas for alfresco living that will help you enjoy your leisure time to the fullest.

The Basics

If you don’t want to build anything too involved, you can do plenty with a patio or a deck. The first thing you can do is use plants as a border around your patio or deck. This provides some of the privacy that a wall or enclosure would, but at a much lower price. It also makes your deck or patio feel more like a living area than just a deck or patio.

Once you have established the boundaries of your area, think about putting outdoor furniture there. You can also put decorative pieces such as sculptures or even paintings in your new alfresco living area.

If you are going to go with outdoor furniture, you may want to go with earthy colours that integrate the area with nature. You could opt for splashy, bright colours that scream “spring.” Even though you have already made “walls” with plants, you might find a few more plants appropriate for the inner area.

Make sure that your outdoor furniture is durable and won’t deteriorate if it gets rained on. Luckily, there is a lot of great outdoor furniture available, from specialty shops to major retail outlets.

One last thing: leave room for a BBQ.

Turn it Up a Notch

While the basics are nice, most people eventually want to go a step further and build an alfresco living area that is as nice as having an extra family room, but outside of the home. That is where we come in. At Next Level Extensions, we can build you a state of the art alfresco living area for less than you may imagine. Here are a few ideas.

Custom Outdoor Kitchen

A custom outdoor kitchen starts with a BBQ, but is limited only by your imagination. Think of a stone pizza oven with granite counters. Or a fire pit that takes BBQ to a new level. A custom refrigerator can hold a lot of cold beverages, too.

Roof or Porch Extension

A roof or porch extension with screens and windows can give you the best of both worlds. You get a fully enclosed room but without the full structural commitment that it takes to add an indoor room to your home. This is where you can put your nicer furniture and provide an air of luxury to your home, but without the “luxurious” price tag.

Outdoor Entertainment System

If you are going to have food, beverages and comfortable seating, a large, flat screen TV is a natural addition. We can also install some very nice musical components to make your alfresco living area a neighbourhood “hot spot” when it’s time to watch sports or enjoy the weekend.

Outdoor Lighting

The right lighting can make a world of difference. Your home’s textures, colours and architecture can combine with the right lighting to create a work of art for you to enjoy the moment the sun goes down.

Call Next Level Extensions Today

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