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Benefits of Home Extensions

Aug 4, 2016

As a provider of home extensions, second storey additions and home renovations to the Perth area, one of the first questions we get from homeowners is “should we build up or out?” We thought it would be helpful to cover the benefits of both and when they are the most appropriate. We have also written an article about second storey additions this month.

Anyway, here are the benefits of home extensions and when they are probably going to be the preferred option.

Home Extensions Increase Living Space

Benefits of Home Extensions

This is the most important benefit of any home expansion: you can increase your living space without buying, selling and moving from one home to another. That is why so many of your Perth neighbours have chosen to turn their current homes into their dream homes instead of moving.

No Stairs

If anyone has trouble climbing stairs or you plan on living in your home into old age, there is something to be said for not having to climb stairs.

Less Paperwork

Usually, it is a lot easier to build out than up, with a lot less permits needed because there is less structural work to be done. Also, some communities have restrictions on building a second storey that they don’t have on a home extension.

Modernise Your Home

A lot of our clients opt for a home extension followed by a renovation of the old space. The result is a “new home.” This is especially desirable if your current home has design flaws or fixtures that don’t look as modern as you would like them to look.

Adds Value

Home extensions add value to any Perth home because prices tend to double every ten to twenty years for any well-maintained, modern home in the Perth property market. The bigger the home, the more it rises in value. Any home renovation is going to bring you back more than you invested if you hold onto a home for even ten years.

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