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Benefits of Second Storey Additions

Aug 2, 2016

At Next Level Extensions, we build second storey additions, home extensions, home renovations and new homes in the Perth area. Whenever someone is deciding to expand their home, one of the first questions is “should I build up or down?” We are going to cover this in two articles here on the blog. This article will be about the benefits of second storey additions and when they are most appropriate.

Benefits of Second Storey Additions

You Get to Keep Your Outdoor Space

If your home is on a small block or you have a lot of great reasons to use or keep your yard space, building up allows you to keep all of your outdoor space. This is great for people who have a pool, an alfresco living area or a well-kept garden. It’s also great if you want a lot of space for your children and pets to run around in.

Great Views

If you live in a scenic area, a second storey addition can provide some great views. If you are near the ocean or a lake, a second storey addition can be a wonderful feature that helps you relax and enjoy the water without leaving your home.

Great Design Possibilities and More Privacy

A second storey addition allows you to put all of the bedrooms upstairs and everything else downstairs. We love this particular design and so do most of the families we have talked to. The upstairs provides privacy and the downstairs can be converted to an open floor plan which maximises your space and transitions easily into an alfresco living area for those who like to entertain guests.

Adds Value

Whichever way you decide to expand or renovate your home, it is going to add value. The design we just told you about is a contemporary design that always adds a lot of value to any home. It will also maintain a high resale value into the foreseeable future.

Call Next Level Extensions Today

If you are ready to expand your home and turn your current home into your dream home, call Next Level Extensions. We specialise in home renovations and we have an award winning home renovations designer to help you create a home that is perfect for you.

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