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The Biggest DIY Home Renovations Mistakes

Jul 26, 2016

We have spent a lot of time and effort providing home renovations in the Perth area, with more than 70 years’ combined experience. We won’t tell you how often this happens but a lot of our home renovations end up being repairs and “do-overs” for DIY home renovations that didn’t go as planned.

Biggest DIY Home Renovations Mistakes

A look at the cable TV schedule can tell you how much we love our home renovations in Australia. Unfortunately, an unintended consequence of these shows is to make people think that anyone can produce professional quality work. While there are some homeowners who are capable of doing a great job, there are a lot who don’t have the skills or the experience to renovate their homes like professionals.

Here are the biggest DIY home renovations mistakes we have noticed during our time in the Perth area.

Skimping on Materials

We get the idea. You can save a lot of money on materials and labour if you do home renovations yourself. But sometimes people use incredibly cheap materials. Then they wonder why their house looks like a manufactured home when they are finished. The whole idea of renovating is to make your home more desirable to live in. You can’t do that by using cheap materials. Go for the best you can afford; you’re worth it.

Inaccurate Measurements

Your measurements have to be exact when you are renovating your home. This is especially true for anything structural. If your measurements are off, your “look” is going to suffer due to a lack of symmetry. People will know something is “off.” Most of all, so will you.

Not Preparing Properly

There is a lot of prep work to be done during home renovations. You may save a few hours skipping prep work but you will be living with the results for years. Do it right the first time.

Not Having a Firm Plan

It is crucial to know exactly what you are going to do before you do it. Sometimes, people don’t assess their home beyond the superficial. When they start doing the work, they find other things that need to be done. This costs more time and more money and can be one of the most frustrating mistakes you can make.

Be sure you know exactly what will need to be done and put it in the plan.

Not Having the Right Tools

This is crucial: make sure you have the right tool for the right job. Trying to “make do” with the wrong tools can literally cost you thousands of dollars down the road. If you don’t have the right tool, borrow it or rent it. But don’t try to complete the job without it.

Not Paying Attention to Lighting

Different configurations, new windows or new doors can change the way light comes into your home. This can change the ambiance, the feeling and the perception of how much space you have in your home.

Size Matters

Make sure you don’t build anything too small. This goes for bathrooms, closets, hallways, doorways and bedrooms. If anything, use too much space. You can “grow into” too much space but too little space will just result in more home renovations down the road.

Not Going Green

One of the biggest criticisms of “green” materials such as solar panels is that they require home renovation. So, what better time to install solar panels than when you are renovating? The trend is just beginning but we see solar panels and other “green” materials growing in popularity. In ten years, they will be commonplace. If you are renovating now, take this opportunity to “stay ahead of the curve.”

Not Calling Professionals for Major Home Renovations

If you are doing a minor renovation like painting, installing a new door or even a bigger project like a timber deck, by all means have at it. But if you are undertaking a major renovation of your home and you aren’t a professional, it is usually not a great idea.

It takes a lot of time and effort to do it right. It also displaces your living space for as long as the renovation is happening. Call Next Level Extensions instead: 1300 948 094.

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