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Buy a New Home or Make Home Renovations?

Nov 21, 2016

Home renovations are popular in Perth and across Australia because you can have a better home without the hassle of moving. However, home renovations aren’t for everyone. Here are some of the advantages of each course of action.

Moving to a New Home

A Fresh Start: If you are tired of your old home or neighbourhood and need a change, relocation may work for you.

You Really Like It: You may look at an established home and fall in love with it. You might also like the plan of a new home that looks nothing like your old home.

Location, Location, Location: If you don’t like your current location or really love a different location where there is a home available, moving might be your “ticket.”

Home Renovations, Home Extensions and Second Storey Additions

No Big Move: The process of selling your current home and buying another is arduous. You also have to pack and move your belongings. You have to say goodbye to your neighbourhood and your friends. Your children have a very hard time with this. You have to end all of your bills and accounts at one address and change them to the other.

Your Individual Design: With Next Level Extensions, you are in total control. We have an award-winning home renovations designer, Max Sardi, who will work with you to come up with the perfect design for your home. You don’t have to depend on someone else to get it right. You don’t have to settle for something you don’t love. We will make your home exactly what you want.

Your Favourite Places

If you love your neighbours, your neighbourhood and your location, it makes a lot of sense to stay where you are. Most people have a bunch of favourite places to go to due to habit. You won’t have to learn a bunch of new ones.

To learn more or for a free design consult from Mr Sardi, call Next Level Extensions today: 1300 948 094.

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