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Is Buying and Selling to Obtain a Larger Home Worth the Hassle?

Nov 17, 2014

Home extensions and second storey additions are providing solutions for hundreds of Perth area residents who are looking for more space but don’t want to go through the hassle of moving. Home additions have been one of the best kept secrets in Perth for years, but more and more people are seeing the wisdom of expanding their current homes over braving the Perth housing market.

Here are some of the trevails awaiting someone trying to sell their current home and buy a new one.

Three Objectives when Moving

Most people will have three main objectives when moving. They want to get the highest price for their old house. They want to pay the lowest price they can for their new house. Most of all, they want to make the entire process as easy and hassle-free as possible.

To get a high price for your current home, you are going to have to make improvements. We have actually been hired to do home improvements for Perth area homes to help increase their value and had the people say they wish they had just decided to improve their home instead of moving. The idea is to spend less money improving the home than the price rises after the improvements are finished.

To get a low price on your future home, you will have to be on the “other side” of negotiations. This can involve a lot of looking, because even in a temporary flat spot, the difference between asking price and eventual selling price was 5% in June 2014. Remember that the person trying to buy your old home wants a discount, too.

The “hassle-free” part is impossible to mitigate. You have to buy one home, sell another, find a temporary place to live if the your old home closes before the new one does.

Convinced Yet?

If you need a larger home, call us: 1300 948 094.

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