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Can a Home Extension Make Christmas Even More Enjoyable?

Dec 2, 2015

A home extension can make your Christmas even more enjoyable. Due to market and economy factors, houses in Perth and other capital cities are becoming smaller and smaller as land becomes more expensive. This has caused many Perth residents to look at expanding their current homes when they need more space instead of buying or “trading up.”

Christmas is a time of year when we tend to take stock of what our lives have become. It’s a time we like to spend with family and friends, taking our vacations and “recharging our batteries.” It’s also a time that limited space in our homes becomes more obvious to us. A home extension can be just what the doctor ordered to solve the problem of limited space.

At Next Level Extensions, we have more than 70 years’ experience in helping our neighbours in the Perth area turn their current homes into their dream homes. When you buy your first home, you usually aren’t seeing very far into the future. You may see a child or two on the horizon, but you don’t think about how you are eventually going to outgrow your current home.

Outgrowing Your Home

Eventually, though, you have those two kids. Maybe you have one or two more. And you begin to realise that your “large” three bedroom home isn’t comfortable anymore. You can go through the hassle of selling your current home, buying a new home and moving, but that takes a lot of time, money and effort.

In addition, you and your kids have to uproot your existence and say goodbye to the friends you have made in the neighbourhood. This is much harder on your kids because they can’t drive across town or to another suburb every time they want to see their friends from next door.

The Solution: a Home Extension

With a home extension, it costs a lot less than you think to make your current home large enough and comfortable enough for you and your family. Maybe just in time for Christmas.

To learn more, call Next Level Extensions today: 1300 948 094.

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