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Designing Your Dream Home

Jun 1, 2016

At Next Level Extensions, we do it all: home extensions, second storey additions, knock down rebuilds and a host of other home renovations in the Perth area. Ultimately, no matter what the reason for renovating, to us it’s about helping you build your dream home.

Whether you are adding on, starting over or building a new home, you can have your dream home now, for a lot less money than you may think. Of course, there are limits. If your dream home is a $5 million mansion and you are on a $300,000 budget, it obviously isn’t going to happen. But even then, you can have many of the most important elements of your mansion built into your current home.

What do You Really Want in Your Dream Home?

Usually, this is the first question we ask on a design consult. Do you want to be a legacy to your children? Do you want to have space for your favourite hobbies? Do you love to entertain guests? Do you want a home theatre? How about a state of the art kitchen?

After we figure out exactly what rooms you want, it’s a matter of designing the home to fit them in. Some people want everything on one floor, making a home extension perfect for them. Some want all of the bedrooms upstairs, which is easily accomplished by a second storey addition. Some may want to just start over and some hire us to build a new home.

Whatever the case, it all starts with the design consult. Award winning home renovations designer Max Sardi has helped numerous Perth residents find their “dream home” without having to move.

Call the Most Trusted Home Renovations Builders in Perth

With more than 70 years’ combined experience providing home renovations in Perth, we have built a great reputation in the industry. We can help you determine what you really want in your dream home and then build it on your current property. To learn more, call us today: 1300 948 094.

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