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Don’t Fall for Cheap Home Extension Providers

Jul 30, 2015

At their best, home extensions can turn your current home into your dream home. However, even in Perth, choosing the wrong builder can turn your dream home into a nightmare scenario. Here’s why.

Home extensions are a great way to add value to your home, especially in capital cities such as Perth. They can add extra bedrooms or bathrooms. They can add a living room, a family room, a home office or an alfresco living area.

More Space, Higher Value

Home extensions add value to your home in two ways. First, they improve your current lifestyle. You may not be able to buy a large home, but a home extension can turn your current home into a larger home. Second, they can greatly increase the resale value of your home 10 to 20 years down the road.

Some people think a home extension isn’t worth it if it doesn’t provide them an immediate “profit,” but if you don’t plan on selling anytime soon, it is more than worthwhile to increase your current quality of life with an addition that will bring you thousands of dollars in profits when you finally decide to sell your home.

Why Cheaper isn’t Always Better

Remember, though: you have to live in your home. You want it to be your dream home. This makes it crucial that you choose a reputable builder. If you choose the wrong builder, they may not be licensed or insured. They may hire substandard tradies and cut corners with your building materials.

Cheap builders can make an extension that looks great when they are finished, but turns into a “money pit” shortly after you actually begin to live in it. Often, the cheap builder disappears, leaving the homeowner no recourse when the addition begins to fall apart.

You not only need a reputable builder, you need one that provides great design, files all necessary paperwork with your local council, provides the finest in workmanship and works within the original budget.

To learn more or for a free consult from award winning home renovation designer Max Sardi, call 1300 948 094 today.

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