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Is it Easier and Wiser than Ever to Turn Your Current Home into Your Dream Home?

Sep 13, 2016

With more than 70 years of combined experience in providing home extensions to Perth area homeowners, we have helped a lot of people turn their current homes into their dream homes. Here are the main reasons homeowners have been building home extensions to improve their homes instead of entering the Perth property market.

Turn Current Home into Dream Home - Home Extensions

Less Hassle

This is perhaps the biggest reason so many homeowners have chosen home extensions in Perth. If you want to move into your “dream home,” you have to sell your current home, buy your new home and move.

Selling your current home is a lot of work. You have to keep your own home looking good enough to have people viewing it while you are still living there. This is a massive incursion into your lifestyle, not to mention having to secure all of your valuables when your home is being shown. To prepare your home for sale, you have to make improvements, at least have a new coat of paint and do a lot of maintenance in your front and backyard.

Then, you have to worry about getting the right selling price. This is really going to be a problem either when you buy or sell. If you are in a buyer’s market, you will have a harder time selling your current home. If you are in a seller’s market, you will have a harder time buying your dream home. Either way, one end of this transaction is going to be exceedingly difficult.

Buying an established home can be just as stressful. You have to look at numerous homes until you find the one you want. Then you have to put in the right bid and make sure you actually get the home. Even if your bid is accepted, is it really your dream home? Or is it a home that used to be someone else’s dream home and looks good to you right now?

Building your own home from scratch is a hassle, too. You will need to buy the land first, then get your permits and find a trusted builder. You also want a designer or an architect to design your home. This is a great way to actually get your dream home, but wouldn’t it be easier to just do a knockdown rebuild on your original property? Can’t you get the same thing with a home extension or a second storey addition?

Moving is another great hassle. Ideally, you have made sure your current home closes simultaneous to or slightly after your next home is ready to move into. Then you have to pack all of your belongings for moving. When they get to the new home, you have to unpack them and rearrange everything.

Also, you have to shut off accounts like electricity and water at your old address and turn them on at your new address. You have to say goodbye to your neighbours. If you have kids, they have to say goodbye to all of their friends and they have to go to a different school. This can be traumatic on your children. In some cases, kids are never the same again.

With a home extension or second storey addition, you can keep living in your home while the work is done. We are masters at not intruding into your lifestyle. We block off the new part of your home so noise is kept at a minimum. When it’s time to integrate the new and old parts of your home, we open the doorway.

You Get Your Real Dream Home Because You Design It

At Next Level Extensions, we have Max Sardi, an award-winning home renovations designer who has helped hundreds of Perth homeowners renovate their homes. The formula is simple: you tell him what you want and he will design it for you. This makes your home truly your dream home.

Call the Best Provider of Home Extensions in Perth

At Next Level Extensions, we provide high-quality home extensions, second storey additions and home renovations. Our attention to detail is legendary in the Perth area. To learn more, call us today: 1300 948 094.

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