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Facts, Figures and How Home Improvement TV Shows have Increased Home Renovations in Australia

Mar 17, 2017

The market for home renovations in Australia has never been more active. While we would like to attribute that rise to our great work in providing home renovations to Perth homeowners, we have to credit reality TV for a lot of the trend.

A company called HalfPrice has assembled an infographic showing how much demand for home renovations has increased due to the popularity of home improvement TV shows. They have come up with an impressive set of numbers. We would like to share some of the highlights with you.

Currently, the house renovations market in Australia is worth $43 billion. Since 2010, home renovations spending has increased by 14%. In 2014, Australians spent $200 per person on home renovations. 46% of the expenditures went to specialist hardware companies, with big box retailers cashing in for 23%. 9% bought through buying groups, 3% through independent retailers, 1% through online retailers and 18% through “other sources,” including companies like us.

For every million people, Australia has 49 hardware or home improvement stores. As a point of comparison, this number is 23 in the US and 27 in the UK. Another way to put this: for every 20,338 people in Australia, there is one home improvement store. These stores employ a total of 80,027 people.

A whopping 89% of Australians feel that home renovations are a great way to increase property values.

What About the Effects of Reality TV?

When House Rules aired on Channel Seven in 2014, it produced a 35% increase in demand for kitchen renovations. Bathroom renovation postings increased 30%. Architects had a 28% increase in enquiries. Job postings for interior designers rose 8%.

Best Home Renovations in Perth?

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