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Home Extension Secrets

Sep 24, 2014

If you want a house extension for your Perth home, it is helpful to know the important factors that go into designing one that is perfect for you and your family. Here are some tips for blending a home extension seamlessly into your current home.


Even though you are blending new with old, it is possible to have a seamless transition from home into home extension. The home extension should have design elements similar to the original home and the neighbourhood. You can use elements that are still relevant to the old part of the home and feature them in the extension.

Both the interior and exterior should be matched to the old home.

Modern Updates in Technology

Due to technological advances, you can duplicate traditional materials far more economically and easily than before. It is now possible to have a marble surface far cheaper than it was twenty years ago. Doors and windows can be replaced to retain their traditional look but with modern standards of safety and security.

Council Checks

Check with your council to ensure that everything you do is compliant with regulations. This can save a lot of hassle in the long run and lets your neighbours know that you are considerate of their positions.

Choose the Right Builder

The builder you choose can make a world of difference in how your home extension ends up. From the beginning to the end, having a professional builder you can trust to do everything right and on time is crucial to the end result.

At Next Level Extensions, we are experts at design and we have a long track record of doing everything right and completing our projects in a timely manner. We know what your council wants and we will always make your project compliant with your local regulations.

Call us for an obligation-free consult today. Together, we will figure out what you need and create a design for it. For more information, call 1300 948 094 today.

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