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Home Extensions Provide More Space and More Fun

Mar 13, 2017

Home extensions are a great way to increase your living space without having to buy, sell and move in the Perth property market. We have more than forty years of combined experience providing home extensions to Perth homeowners. In all of that time, we have never had even one dissatisfied customer. Everyone has been very happy with the results. Here’s why.

Most families eventually outgrow their first homes. Young families become older families. Small families become larger families. Both need more space. The traditional way to go is to “buy up” into a larger home. But this takes a lot of work nowadays. Worse yet, with so many families working two jobs and sometimes more, there just isn’t enough time to go through all of the hassle.

Nobody has time to put their own home on the market, start looking for a home, pack up all their belongings and move into a new home. When the “incidentals” like changing over all of your accounts is added in, it’s a lot of work. For children, it can be traumatic to have to leave all of their friends for a new neighbourhood.

With a home extension, you can have more space without all of the hassle. All you need is enough space on your property to “build out.” The process is easy. First, we decide whether we are going to just add the home extension or also renovate the older portion of your home. Then, we build the home extension.

The process is easy. We build the extension with minimal intrusion into your lifestyle. When we complete it, we open up the new part and finish the door or transition from your old home to your new space.

We have the flexibility of modern design or traditional design, depending upon your preference.

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