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Home Improvements that Increase Resale Value

May 19, 2017

Have you ever wondered which home improvements increase your home’s resale value the most and allow it to sell the fastest? This can be extremely important in a property market as volatile as Perth. Adding space is the surest way to increase your home’s value simply because of the added number of bedrooms and bathrooms.

But here are the most popular improvements that don’t involve home additions, according to a recent survey of 1,043 Australians.

Fix the Air Conditioner

65% of those who responded listed air conditioning as a mandatory feature in a home. It is hot down here. Make sure your air conditioner is in perfect working condition. If it isn’t, install a new one; you will more than make your money back.

Garage or Carport

More than a million new cars were sold in Australia last year. 60% of those polled listed a garage or carport as a must. That is no accident. If you can’t afford to build a garage and don’t have one, at least put up a carport.

Garden or Backyard

We know you can’t just snap your fingers and create a garden or backyard if you don’t have one, but 50 to percent of those who responded to the survey insisted upon a backyard. 26% listed a deck or a pergola as a feature they require.

Solar Panels

33% said solar panels are essential due to modern energy costs and climate change.

Other Popular Home Improvements and Additions

Also making the top ten in this survey: a dishwasher, a swimming pool and a built-in BBQ.

What it Means to You

If you are thinking of selling your home, the features we have listed will have a bearing upon how fast your home sells and how much money it can fetch on the market. Well we don’t see all of them as mandatory, it would be to your advantage to make sure that you can offer as many of these as are practical.

Why Sell at All?

For the best results, however, you may want to stay in your current home and have us provide you with a home addition or a home renovation. The process of buying, selling and moving is tough and costly. Why go through all of that hassle when you don’t have to?

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