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Home Renovations for Perth Property Investors

Nov 4, 2016

If you are a property investor who likes to improve and “flip” properties, you already know how much home renovations and improvements can raise the value of your property, especially in the Perth market. Lately, though, a lot of landlords are beginning to see the wisdom of improving and renovating rental properties, too. Here are a few strategies for home renovations if you are a property investor.

The DIY Route for Cosmetic Home Renovations

Most homes need more extensive renovations, but if your home is already large enough, structurally sound and fetching a nice price on the market, these changes will make your home more “rentable.”

Clean and Repaint Everything

Take a power washer to the exterior and do a thorough cleaning on the interior. Then repaint the interior and exterior.

New Curtains and Blinds

This is another superficial fix that can make a property look better on first impression.

Built in Wardrobes

Storage is good. More storage is better, especially if it’s part of the house.

Air Conditioning and Heating

A home in Australia should never lack air conditioning. Many prospective tenants agree. Finding a unit that will both cool and heat the home is the best strategy for the long term and for commanding a better sale price.

Maintenance and Repair

Fix all maintenance and repair issues before showing a property. For that matter, always fix them ASAP so they don’t become larger problems.

Home Renovations for Perth Property Investors

Laundry Facility

A washer and dryer are a nice touch. A separate room for them is even better. They might not do much for price, but not having them can decrease demand in a hurry.


Make sure the lighting is bright. If not, invest in some that is. Literally and figuratively, you will “brighten up” the home.

Modern Kitchen

Many estimate that a modern kitchen is the best way to increase the value of any property. For a DIY enthusiast, that means new cabinets, appliances and a dishwasher.

The Professional Approach to Home Renovations

If you are a professional in another field who has time to do all of that to your home, we are impressed. But the best way by far to have your home renovated is to hire a professional home renovator.

At Next Level Extensions, we have more than 70 years’ combined experience in performing professional home renovations for Perth homeowners. We can do the basic cosmetic home renovations, but those are the same home renovations that everyone else in Perth is doing.

The cosmetic renovations we listed above don’t really give you an edge; they prevent you from being a bottom-feeder. Every landlord in Perth knows enough to keep the cosmetic renovations current in between each tenant.

Raising Your Game with Top Notch Home Renovations

If you want to truly increase your home’s value, you are going to have to go beyond the superficial. We have an award-winning home renovations designer named Max Sardi. He is an expert at turning ordinary homes into polished gems. There are three ways to improve value.

Home Renovations

The first way is to simply modernise the space you already have. We can make your older home look new on the inside. We can freshen up old, stale designs with bright, airy use of open space, perspective and light. We can build a nice island in your kitchen. We can make the space you have stunning. But what if you want more space?

Home Extensions

Home extensions are the most popular way to expand a home in the Perth market. They are often done in combination with a renovation of the original space. We can add extra bedrooms and bathrooms while opening up your kitchen, dining room, living room and guest room with a spacious open floor plan. We can provide an alfresco living area, which gives you even more living area.

The main requirement for a home extension is that you have enough land to expand on. But what if you don’t?

Second Storey Additions

A second storey addition is like a home extension, but you build up instead of out. This is a great strategy if you are healthy enough to go up and down stairs, your home’s basic structure is strong enough and there are no local regulations that prohibit building up.

To learn more or for an obligation-free consult, call Next Level Extensions today: 1300 948 094.

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