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How to Keep Calm While Having Your Home Renovated

Sep 25, 2015

As veteran providers of home renovations in the Perth area, we know it’s not a picnic for most people. Recently, we found a US piece on keeping calm during home renovations and we thought some highlights would be relevant. We are going to give you a bonus tip at the end.

Be Nice

The best way to communicate is to be nice. When tempers flare, time is wasted and often communication goes awry. Remember it doesn’t cost anything to be nice. Your builders will be a lot more receptive and responsive to whatever you have to say, too.

Get Everything in Writing

Don’t let anyone work on your house without having everything in writing. We mean everything. You need to know exactly what is going to be done, exactly what it is going to cost and exactly how long it is going to take.

Allow for More Time than the Estimate

Some builders always underestimate the time it is going to take. Sadly, there are enough of those kind of builders that this advice is often necessary. If you don’t know who you’re working with, don’t plan on the work being done on time.

Insist on Professional Behaviour

Insist that the crew cleans up after itself every day. Make sure they conduct themselves as professionals at all times. Remember that you are paying for the work that is being done.

Bonus Tip: Call Next Level Extensions

When we provide a home renovation, every single tip in this piece happens on autopilot. We are clean, professional and unobtrusive. We are always on time and always on budget. And we do it with smiles on our faces.

We know how difficult it can be to have strangers in your home for days at a time doing construction work. We go out of our way to cause as little intrusion to your lifestyle as possible.

To learn more or for a free design consult from award winning home renovation designer Max Sardi, call us today: 1300 948 094.

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