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Improve Your Lifestyle with a Next Level Home Extension

Sep 12, 2014

Due to record high housing prices, a lot of home extensions are being built in the Perth area. This is happening mainly because a home extension allows you to improve your lifestyle without the hassle of moving or buying a bigger home. There are many reasons for wanting a larger home. Here are some of the more common ones.

Family has Grown Larger

When a couple buys their first home, they may plan on having one or two children. If they don’t have a lot of resources, they may decide that two bedrooms will be enough: one for them and one for the kids. Then they have a boy and a girl who don’t want to share the same bedroom.

Now they are faced with the dilemma of making a boy and girl sleep in the same bedroom or find a larger home. Or maybe there are three kids stuck in that one bedroom. A bedroom that looks large to a newlywed looks a lot smaller when trying to fit three kids into it. Now add the possibility of an elderly parent or grandparent wanting to move in.

If a home needs more bedrooms, an extension is a great way to go about it. A second storey extension may be very helpful here, adding two or three bedrooms and a bathroom or two. The downstairs can keep the master bedroom or it can be upstairs. Some families opt to turn a second storey into the children’s part of the home and remodel the master bedroom downstairs by combining it with the children’s bedroom.

You Want to Have More Fun

Sometimes, a family wants to entertain visitors more. This often happens after the children have left. Some people find themselves to be very good at entertaining and find their homes becoming “party central” for their social group. An extension on the ground floor can become a beautiful family room and can be integrated into an alfresco living area.

This allows the homeowner to enjoy the family room or use it as a space to entertain visitors. It is a versatile layout that provides the most options for an active family. We have seen a huge increase in alfresco living areas in the last ten years. We have installed everything from large screen TV’s to elaborate bars to brick pizza ovens.

An alfresco area increases the effective space of one’s home while still leaving a large backyard. A well-planned family room connected to an alfresco living area provides a lot more options than any other use of the area it covers.

You Want to Pursue Your Passion

As the Internet and mobile devices become more a part of everyday life, many companies are allowing employees to work at home. Some economists project a trend towards less office space and more virtual offices. A home office makes perfect sense for those who bring their work home.

A hobby room is similar. For example, you may have rediscovered a passion for art or music and decided to participate in it again sometime during your adulthood. Or maybe you love collectables in a particular genre. If you have a serious hobby, you can use an extra space.

Often, a husband and wife decide to build two separate hobby rooms. These rooms can be added as a second storey addition or a first floor extension, whichever makes the most sense to you.

You Just Want More Space

A lot of homeowners decide to add a family room and an extra guest bedroom, for example. Sometimes the old house gets a bit boring or you feel that you would just like a little more area to stretch out and relax. A family room is a perfect way to do this. Family rooms usually end up on the first floor, though some families opt to turn the downstairs living room and bedrooms into an open floor plan family room and put the bedrooms upstairs in a second storey extension.

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