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Is it Time for a Granny Flat?

Oct 29, 2015

One of the more interesting and rewarding home additions we do in the Perth area is the granny flat. Over the last two years, zoning changes have eased the restrictions on granny flats greatly. The person who lives in your granny flat doesn’t even have to be related anymore. Now, there are two strategies: the traditional granny flat and the newly-named Fonzie flat.

Granny Flats

The traditional granny flat is great if you need to move one or even both of your parents into a small flat because they are getting up in the years but you want to help them avoid living in a retirement home or assisted living facility. Your mum or dad will want one floor so they don’t have to climb stairs. A granny flat can be built as large as two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

Your parent or parents can stay in the flat indefinitely without having to worry about falling down stairs. They have their privacy and their dignity, but you can be there for them in a heartbeat when they need you. With a traditional granny flat, everybody wins.

Fonzie Flats

The Fonzie flat model is a great way to produce rental income to help you pay off your home loan. You can build the same flat but rent it out to someone for a reasonable fee. They get their own apartment with their own entrance and it isn’t connected to your home. You get rental income and your home increases in value because of the presence of the flat.

How Next Level Extensions can Help

At Next Level Extensions, we have more than 70 years’ combined experience providing home renovations and additions to the Perth market. We specialise in additions and renovations. This is important because the skill set is totally different from that of the standard builder who only builds full houses from scratch but occasionally takes renovation jobs if they can fit them into their schedule.

To learn more, call us today: 1300 948 094.

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