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Is it Time to Build Up with a Second Storey Addition?

Nov 3, 2015

Second storey additions are becoming popular in Perth for numerous reasons. They are becoming a popular alternative for people who need more space and don’t want the hassle of selling their old home, buying a new one and moving.

Can Your Home Handle a Second Storey Addition?

Second storey additions are great for those who want to expand their homes and don’t have the space to build outward. However, there are some things you will have to check on first.

Regulations: You have to check with your council and any neighbourhood or land estate homeowners’ associations to make sure it is legal to build a second storey onto your home. There will also be permits and inspections if it is OK.

Structural Elements: Your home has to be able to hold up under the weight of a second storey addition. In particular, the interior supports, exterior walls and footings have to be strong enough to hold up under the added weight. So does the foundation. There are adjustments and fortifications we can make if there is a deficiency, but they “up the ante” considerably.

Restrictions: There are often restrictions on the design, materials and height of a second storey addition.

New Lines: You may need new gas, water and/or electrical lines to ensure that your entire home is compliant with all local and national building codes and to provide adequate service.

If the Answer is “Yes”…

There are some great benefits and advantages to building a second storey addition. First, you can have the living space you need without having to move out of your current home. That saves a lot of time, money and hassle and keeps your children from having to say goodbye to their friends.

You will be able to design the space exactly like you want it. You can turn your current home into exactly what you want to live in.

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