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What Kind of Extension Should I Go For?

Jul 25, 2014

outside view looking at the back of the house

If you are thinking of a home extension for your Perth home, there will be a lot of factors that determine which kind of extension you will eventually build. Often, your hands will be tied by space restrictions or, worse yet, local council restrictions.

Cost will be a factor, too. Generally, it will cost more to have a second storey extension than to extend outward. If you are on a budget and have plenty of space in your backyard, you will probably want to extend outward.

It is wise to keep emotions out of the decision process. Many people end up spending more money because of a sentimental attachment to a part of their yard that would serve them better with a building standing on top of it. If you really prefer that your garden remain intact, or you want a large backyard for other reasons, a second storey extension will make sense.

Pros and Cons of Second Storey Addition

A second storey addition doesn’t require any extra space. It can provide some very nice views in certain areas. You can keep your entire garden intact. The main drawback is that you have to tear off your original roof. That means extra construction and extra support, costing more money per sqm. It also adds more weight on top of the original slab upon which your house was built.

Pros and Cons of Outward Extension

When you extend outward, you get to keep your own roof. You can use a cleverly-designed extension to increase “curb appeal” and raise the value of your home. You can extend as far as you have space to extend. The only real drawback is that you are decreasing your backyard or garden space.

Check with Your Council

Always check with your local council to assure compliance with permits, etc. Always make sure it is legal to build what you are planning to build.

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