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Over, Under or Out: Which Kind of Home Extension is Right for You?

Dec 1, 2014

If you are considering a home extension for your home in the Perth area, you probably know there are plenty of options. By far, the two most popular options are home extensions and second storey additions, but some Perth homeowners occasionally opt to extend downward into their cellars. While the third option is often problematic and isn’t often done, we decided to include it here for the sake of letting you know about all of your options.

In 2012, Australians spent $6.35 billion on home renovations; that is the total of renovation approvals as documented by the ABS. That is a lot of renovations and a lot of money. With all of the housing market fluctuations over the last ten years, many Australians have chosen to make their own homes better instead of braving the housing market.

Why Extensions are so Popular

Home extensions are a lot easier than selling your own home and buying a new home. You don’t have the hassle of selling, buying or moving. Your children don’t have to say goodbye to their friends or change schools. There is so much uncertainty in the housing market that a home renovation or extension makes more sense to people who want to know what everything is going to cost ahead of time and who want to get good value for the money they spend.

Renovations and extensions afford homeowners the opportunity to convert their current home into their “dream home” with a minimum of disruption to their lifestyle. They add value to any home and most homeowners gain more market value than the amount of money they spend on an extension.

Here are the three ways to extend and when they are most appropriate.

Home Extension: Expanding Out

A home extension usually represents the least disruption to the homeowner’s lifestyle. In addition, though there are some exceptions, it is usually the least expensive option. If you have a large land block and it is relatively flat, the outward extension makes the most sense. A lot of extensions are also paired with a nice alfresco living area, creating even more effective living space and integrating the outdoors into your home.

You will have to build a foundation underneath your outward extension, but you get to keep the roof on the original part of your home.

Second Storey Addition: Moving Up

If you don’t have a large land block or extra room to move outward, moving up usually makes the most sense. It is often more expensive than building outward due to structural reasons. You have to replace your original roof with weight-bearing, structural components for your second storey. In addition, your original foundation and frame must be able to support the extra weight of your second storey.

These factors can make a second storey more expensive. The best times for a second storey addition are when you don’t have room for an extension or if the slope on your land would make the cost of building an outward foundation too expensive.

Going Down: the Cellar Dwellers

Usually, it costs a lot of money to build beneath your home. Waterproofing costs a lot and if your garden is prone to flooding, it can be a huge problem. If you need excavation, it can also cost a lot of money. The only place where building downward is prevalent is in Queensland, because many of their older homes already have cellars or are placed high on blocks.

For the most part, you will not be building down in Perth.

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