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Is a Knock Down Rebuild Your Best Option?

May 30, 2016

With more than 70 years’ combined experience providing home renovations to Perth homeowners, we are experts at maximising your old home. However, there are some homes that are better to just knock down and rebuild. But how do you know whether your best option is to renovate or do a knock down rebuild? Here are the main reasons for a knock down rebuild.

Home Built Before 1987

In 1987, building codes were changed to prohibit the use of asbestos. As we know know, asbestos is responsible for a plethora of lung diseases. If your home has asbestos, it is best knocked down by a builder who can safely tear the home down and dispose of the asbestos.

High Maintenance

This is another characteristic of homes built before 1987 but can also be a problem in many older homes built after 1987. Many older homes have a lot of “little things” wrong with them. When all of those little things are added up, they can amount to major headaches and chronic high maintenance. If your home has too many things wrong with it, the knock down rebuild may be a better option.

Why Not Just Leave?

In most cases, it will cost more to sell your old home, buy a new home and move than it will to utilise the property you already own. Land is expensive and the median land block grows smaller every year. In addition, you and your children are probably entrenched into your neighbourhood. It is a monumental hassle to leave your old neighbourhood and “start over” somewhere else. For your children, it’s even worse to have to leave their friends and start over.

Call the Best Home Renovations Builders in Perth

At Next Level Extensions, we specialise in home renovations. While you may not think so, this gives us a unique skillset that allows us to provide you with “one stop shopping” for knocking down and rebuilding your home.

Award winning home renovations designer Max Sardi will be happy to provide you with a free consult. He is an expert at helping Perth homeowners turn their dream homes into reality.

Call us today: 1300 948 094.

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