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Why You Must Hire a Great Builder Who Specialises in Home Renovations

Jun 17, 2016

There are a lot of builders who advertise home renovations in the Perth area but you should always be careful what builder you choose. Second storey additions, home extensions and home renovations all require a different skill set than building a new home.

It is a lot easier to build a new home than it is to renovate or add onto an older one. We have a lot of respect for our builder friends but what they do is different than what we do. They get to start from scratch. They can make all of the noise they want because nobody lives there. There are never any “surprises” because they get to control the process from beginning to end.

When we come in to provide a home renovation for our customers in the Perth area, we have to build around what is already there. Here are some of the skill sets we have to have that a new home builder doesn’t have to have.

Hire a Great Home Renovations Builder

Building Without Disturbing Your Lifestyle

If you want to experience this firsthand, stand next door to a new home construction site while the workers are there. You will hear a lot of noise. Building the new home is all that’s going on. They park their vehicles all over the lot and have a straight access point for all of their equipment and materials.

What happens when we are doing a home renovation? It’s a totally different world. Whether we are providing a home renovation, a second storey addition or a home extension, we have to do it without disturbing your lifestyle in the rest of the house. That means no unnecessary noise. That means sealing off the project site from the rest of your home until it is time to connect the two together.

It takes a special mindset to do this and not affect the homeowners’ lifestyle during the building process.

Much Better at Making a Seamless Transition

The transition between the added part of the home and the original part of the home should always be seamless. One of our favourite compliments is when people tell us their guests couldn’t tell where the original home ends and the renovated part begins.

Not only does there need to be structural integrity between the addition and the original home, it should fit stylistically. The materials should look like the materials used in the original build. The only exception is when the original home is renovated to look new like the addition.

Flexible Design Help

Most standard home builders work off of templates. While they are able to deviate, it is not what they normally do and is not in their “comfort zone.” When you hire a builder who specialises in home renovations and home renovation design, they have a lot more experience at giving homeowners exactly what they ask for. They can also help out with the design and make suggestions if the homeowners don’t know exactly what they want.

For an experienced home renovation designer and builder, the unusual is “business as usual.”

More Experience Working with Asbestos

As we know now, asbestos is a dangerous material. Exposure to it can lead to mesothelioma and many other debilitating or fatal lung conditions. If your home was built before 2003, it may have asbestos. Experienced home renovation builders know how to knock down walls without exposing you to asbestos. They know how to dispose of the hazardous materials so they don’t affect you or your environment.

Most Trusted Home Renovations Builders in Perth?

At Next Level Extensions, we have a combined 70 years of experience in providing home renovations, second storey additions and home extensions to homeowners in the Perth area. We are led by award-winning home renovations designer Max Sardi, who will make sure your home renovation is exactly what you want.

If you don’t have a specific vision of what you want, bring rough drawings or just bring your ideas to Mr Sardi and he will be happy to help you come up with a great design to help you turn your current home into your dream home.

To learn more or for a free consult, call us today: 1300 948 094.

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