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Our Process: What to Expect During Home Renovations

Dec 26, 2016

With more than 70 years’ combined experience in providing home renovations to Perth area homeowners, we have developed a process or routine. We have found that our process is the most efficient and reliable way for us to guarantee 100% satisfaction with our work. We would like to go over our process for you so you have an idea what to expect when you call on the best home renovations provider in Perth.

What to Expect During Home Renovations in Perth

Initial Contact

After you contact us by calling 1300 948 094 or by using the “contact us” page at the right of the top navigation bar, we will arrange a time for you to receive a free consult with Max Sardi, our award-winning home renovations designer.

Mr Sardi will discuss your needs with you, along with any plans or drawings you may have brought along. We will give you an initial estimate of what it should cost to complete your project.

Home Renovation Design

After we measure your home thoroughly and accurately, Mr Sardi will draw up a set of proposed plans. Then, we meet with you to discuss those plans. After we have reached an agreement with you, we will draw up a fixed price contract. We will also provide a 3D perspective of the plan according to the specifications that were discussed.

We will then wait for your authorisation. Because you are working directly with the builder, all costs are right up front. There are never any “hidden extras” with Next Level Extensions.


When you give us your written approval, we can begin work on the final working drawings, engineer’s drawings and the site survey. We then submit your plans to all of your local statutory bodies for approval. Home indemnity insurance is purchased for your protection.


We help you select fixtures, fittings, tiles and other essentials to your taste. We then meet with you and give you firm start and end dates for construction. We seal the construction site from the rest of your home with temporary walls to ensure your privacy and minimal disruption to your lifestyle.


After we have completed the work to your satisfaction, we provide you with a four month maintenance period from your practical completion date. We also provide a six year warranty from the practical completion date.

What Are You Waiting For?

To learn more or to get started on the path to turning your current home into your dream home, call us today: 1300 048 094.

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