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Second Storey Additions Improved These Perth Homes. Can it Improve Yours?

Feb 9, 2015

We may be known for home extensions and home renovations, but we have built second storey additions for a lot of Perth homes. Second storey additions are not for every home, but they can work wonders for people who don’t have the room to build out. We have helped some people double their living space with no intrusion into their lifestyle except the space needed to build the stairway.

We would like to tell you about a few projects and how we solved the living space problems for our clients.

Second Storey Addition in Currambine

Joe and Susan wanted a second storey addition. Another builder in the Perth area told them that there was no way they could provide one without making the home look “like a shoe box on a roof.” The other builder didn’t have the expertise of our Allan Williams, who has built second storey additions for more than thirty years.

We worked with Joe and Susan to create a design that fit and enhanced their home perfectly. It featured arched windows, feature corbelling, gables and brick veneer. We created a seamless transition which makes it impossible to tell that the home wasn’t built that way in the first place. It now has a master bedroom, study, sitting room, walk-in robe, ensuite, a staircase and a rear balcony which provides the best ocean view in their neighbourhood.

How seamless was the transition? Their friends tell them it “looks like it has always been there.”

Second Storey Addition in Morley

Nigel had a beautiful one storey home which had been built with premium materials and crafted with the finest attention to detail. He wanted a second storey addition that would match the calibre of materials and workmanship of his existing home. Our first challenge was to match every external material on his home, from gables to roofing to awnings.

We provided a solid jarrah staircase and void without disturbing or compromising the existing dining area. Next was a master bedroom complete with cavity sliders and a large walk-in robe. We also built a world class ensuite with features such as a custom floor grate, double walk-in shower, a spa, stone tops and a laundry chute.

If we had stopped right there, it would have been a showcase project, but Nigel had one more requirement: a terraced, acoustically perfect theatre for watching movies. We were able to create brick and timber framework that was a perfect match for his existing home. The project took slightly over six months, but it came out perfect in every way.

Second Storey Loft in Scarborough

Carol and Todd had a problem a lot of people in Perth would like to have: too much space. They had a garage loft that they hadn’t used since moving in because it was a hassle to get to. There was no direct access from the house and it was too difficult to climb into from the garage.

We solved the problem by extending the loft until it went over the living room. From there, it was just a matter of installing a staircase from the living room. Then, we blocked off the former point of access in the garage and installed a Tasmanian oak staircase, which was the perfect complement to the timber with which the home was originally built.

In ten weeks, we turned Carol and Todd’s useless garage loft into a living space they can easily access from their living room.

Second Storey Addition in Your Perth Area Home

If you need more living space but don’t have room to build outward or want a second floor view, you owe it to yourself to call us. We have more than 70 years of combined experience providing second storey additions in the Perth area.

We provide professional service at every step and are able to work with minimal intrusion to your lifestyle. When we are finished, nobody who doesn’t already know will be able to tell your home wasn’t built that way in the first place.

To learn more, call Next Level Extensions today: 1300 948 094.

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