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Second Storey Additions in Perth: Try These Ideas

Apr 6, 2016

We have built numerous second storey additions for customers in the Perth area. We would like to tell you about two of our favourite second storey addition projects and see if their ideas can inspire your own second storey addition.


Joe and Susan had a small budget. They were told by other builders that the best they could offer for that price would look “like a shoebox on a roof.” We knew we could do a great job for them and stay within their budget. We incorporated features such as brick veneer, feature gables, arched windows and feature corbelling.

The result: a seamless second storey addition that provides them with a study, sitting room, master bedroom, walk-in robe, ensuite and a rear balcony where they can sit and enjoy a view of the Indian Ocean. It was on time and on budget: no problem.


Nigel has a home that was built with premium materials, paying extreme attention to detail and aesthetics. He wanted us to provide a second storey addition of equal quality. We provided an addition that matched every material, including awnings, gables and roof fixtures.

We built a master bedroom with concealed cavity sliders, flowing naturally into a large walk-in robe. We also built an ensuite with full height tiling, stone makeup cupboard, feature lighting, spa, laundry chute, stone tops, frameless oversized glass screens, a custom floor grate and a double walk-in shower.

Nigel wanted the perfect place to watch movies, so we provided him with an acoustically-perfect theatre. All of the work is as extravagant as the original building was, for far less than the original builders would have charged.

The Best Builder of Second Storey Additions in Perth

At Next Level Extensions, we feel that we are the best provider of second storey additions in the Perth area. We have more than 70 years’ combined experience in providing home renovations and we feature award-winning designer Max Sardi.

To learn more, call us today: 1300 948 094.

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