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There is No Such Thing as “Too Much Space” in Your Home

Sep 16, 2015

When people consider home extensions or home renovations in the Perth area, they often try to figure out exactly how much more space they can get by with and try to make it exact. We think that’s the worst thing you can do and here’s why.

Your Needs Will Evolve

Whether you are a young family, an older family or even a single person, you have no idea what your future needs will be. Sometimes you have more kids than you think you will. Sometimes adult children “return to the fold” for extended periods of time. Sometimes you collect more “stuff.” Sometimes your interests evolve and you need extra space for a hobby. Sometimes that hobby can become a business and you need workspace.

We could go on, but you get the idea: no matter how much space you think you are going to need in the future, you are probably underestimating it.

The Most Efficient Solution

Home extensions and second storey additions are great ways to add more space. We have provided plenty of both in the Perth area. We think it is wise to figure out how much you can comfortably extend your home and complete all of the work at once.

If you have a lot of land and it is fairly even, you would probably benefit most from a home extension. If you don’t have a lot of land and your home can easily support a second storey addition, building up instead of out may be appropriate. We can also renovate the older part of your home if you like to provide you with the equivalent of an entirely new home.

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