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Trending Upwards: Two Storey Homes Growing in Popularity

Jul 14, 2014

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Due to shrinking lot sizes, we are building a lot more second storey additions in the Perth area than we used to. Second storey extensions are a great way to make your home larger when you don’t have the space to build outward or would rather keep the garden and backyard space that you have.

Two Storey Homes Growing in Popularity

Lately, a lot more people around Perth are deciding to extend their homes upward. We have noticed that lots seem to be getting smaller, so it really hasn’t come as much of a surprise. But some information released by the Urban Development Institute of Australia late last year revealed the full extent of just how much smaller land blocks have become in Perth.

Last September, the average size of all land blocks sold in the Perth area was 415 sqm. This was a decrease of 9.2% from the previous September. According to UDIA CEO Debra Goostrey, blocks as small as 200 sqm are becoming “increasingly popular.”

In the 1990’s, only 8% of newly-subdivided lots were less than 500 sqm. For 2012-2013, the number had grown to 70%.

Zoning laws have been changed to reflect the trend towards using smaller blocks of land for building homes. In the 1970’s, the minimum lot size was 597 sqm. Now, blocks as small as 100 sqm are being sold.

In other words, the minimum block size in the 1970’s is 43.8% larger than the average block now and almost 500% larger than the current minimum in some places.

Rising Land Prices Play a Large Role

The continued march of land prices in an upward direction has forced a lot of first home buyers to opt for smaller land blocks and savvy developers who pay attention to the market have been giving them what they want. For the quarter ending December 2013, land prices in Perth averaged $600 per sqm. In 2003, land was $200 per sqm.

Not only does this mean that land prices have tripled in ten years, it also means that land in Perth is now the most expensive in Australia, with Sydney coming in second at $572 per sqm.

Building Upward: the Most Sensible Solution

Building two storey homes or building second storey additions for existing homes is the most efficient way for those who don’t want to pay for a lot of land to still have as much area and living space as they need in their homes.

One of those little 100 sqm blocks can yield almost 200 sqm of living area if a two storey home is built on it. In addition, someone with a 200 sqm home on a 350 sqm block can build another 200 sqm on top of their existing home and not have to give up their 15 sqm of yard and garden space.

This allows people with smaller blocks to still enjoy the outdoors part of the Western Australian lifestyle and still have a home that is large enough to suit their needs. As families grow, it becomes necessary to provide more living space. Building a home extension or a second storey addition is a great way to bypass the Perth property market but still have a larger home.

Next Level Extensions

At next level extensions, we provide both second storey additions and ground floor extensions to ensure that you can make the most out of your current home instead of having to move into a larger one.

We start with a consultation that requires no obligation on your part. Here we discuss what you want and ways to do it. We give you a rough estimate and if you want to continue, the next step is designing your addition. We start by measuring your home thoroughly. Then, the designer and builder draw up plans that they feel can best give you what you requested.

After you authorise, we start building. We take care of the paperwork with the council. When we finish, you have the home you need and you didn’t even have to move.

For more information, call: 1300 948 094.

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