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Uses for a Spare Room That Will Enhance Your Lifestyle

Apr 14, 2014

inside view looking at spare room

If you carefully check your home, you may find an extra room in your house that you aren’t too sure what to do with. It is a rare occurrence, but it does happen! Some common reasons include children growing up and moving out of the house, a playroom being outgrown or you just have a spare room that is waiting to be used.

Another common situation that creates an extra space or room is when a family decides to undertake a home extension project. This is an excellent idea for those who not only want more “wiggle room,” but could also benefit from the luxuries and uses for a spare room in the home.

Luxury and Health

With a spare room in the house, there are many things you could use it for to boost your physical and mental health. Contemplation rooms are on the rise as being places in the home for quiet relaxation, meditation and prayer. These rooms are simple, but elegant and usually include items that will promote peace of mind.

If you want to use your extra room for improving mental health, then a spa is one of the best things to include. Set up a table for massage or provide scented candles and this room could be your relaxing escape from a crazy life.

Work and Study

Extra rooms can also be used for your work or play. Home offices are almost necessary for those who work from home and are used by many other business people to enhance their work. A spare room office would provide extra space to store important items and give you a place of your own to get work done.

If you are more the artsy type, then a spare room could be used as a studio or study. A home studio will give you the perfect place to set out your paintings and a study would give you a quiet place to focus and write.

The Extra Room with a Purpose

Spare rooms are very useful to have in a home because there so many ways that you could fill the space in a productive and healthy manner. Be it for relaxing, working or creating art, the extra room is useful for many reasons. Building one onto your home is a great renovation that is sure to make your Perth residence a lot better and more functional.

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